Zoo Brew: RePUBlicans & DemoCRAFTS — Pints Unite

Take a nice, long swig of liberty and vote today! The winning candidate will be featured on a commemorative poster!

Illustration of a humanoid bear that resembles Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roarsevelt

Vote Roarsevelt His Platform


Illustration of a humanoid giraffe that resembles Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Girafferson

Vote Girafferson His Platform


Thanks for voting! Now encourage your friends to brew their patriotic duty!

Get ready for an election beer


My opponent claims to have the working man’s best interests at heart, but he walks around with his head in the clouds. Literally. Me? I’m just a giant, majestic bear who believes the common man deserves uncommon flavor in his craft beer, and I’m willing to fight for it. Just don’t mess up the suit.


My opponent would have you believe my stances are “stiff-necked” and my record is “spotty.” That’s simply not true; I tower above him on every issue. I, Thomas Girafferson, believe each of us has been endowed with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of fine craft brews. Stand tall, my fellow Zoo-mericans!